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Peter Bajaj


In 2019, Peter assumed ownership of Dufferin Gate Studios and embarked on an ambitious journey to elevate the studio’s offerings in response to the exacting requirements of the film and television industry. His primary focus has been on meeting the industry’s growing demand for expanded production space, leading to DG’s remarkable expansion across the city to encompass 15 locations.

Peter, a distinguished graduate of the University of Toronto’s Engineering program, brings a wealth of technical acumen to the role. His deep understanding of client needs is underscored by his unwavering commitment to being just a phone call away, ensuring top-notch service.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Peter is actively involved in numerous charitable and philanthropic initiatives, both within the greater Toronto area and on a global scale.

Peter’s favourite rewatchable: 

“It’s a Wonderful Life” 1946

Noël Phillips
General Manager


Noël stands as a cornerstone in the remarkable success of Dufferin Gate Studios. Her academic grounding in Media Studies paved the way for an exceptional chapter with Pinewood Studios Group, where her versatility and unwavering dedication not only enriched her team but also served as a foundation for her personal and professional growth.

In 2016, Noël assumed the pivotal role of General Manager at DG, undertaking comprehensive oversight of sales and operations for each of the company’s distinctive facilities. Her leadership is marked by a commitment to a collaborative, team-based approach, consistently delivering top-tier service.

Noël’s solid passion for the world of film and television is definite through her continuous success as a respected service provider to the industry. Her relentless pursuit of 100% customer satisfaction is a testament to her dedication to excellence, a characteristic that has truly set her apart in her field.

Noël’s favourite rewatchable: 

“True Romance” 1995

Sarah Durack
Tenant Services Coordinator


Sarah’s journey into the realm of film and television is a testament to her steadfast dedication. Her extensive volunteer tenure at Rogers Communications, coupled with her attainment of a diploma in Media Communications in 2016, laid the foundation for her passion-driven career. In 2018, she joined the esteemed team at Dufferin Gate Studios.

With a keen understanding of client needs, Sarah has mastered the art of creating an inviting and comfortable environment. Her commitment to excellence extends from managing office furniture setups to efficiently addressing IT-related inquiries. When you leave the studio, you can trust that Sarah and the DG team stand ready to provide solid support.

Sarah’s favourite rewatchable:

“Forrest Gump” 1994

Chaffie Steele
Maintenance Supervisor

In 2020, Chaffie joined the Dufferin Gate Studios team, contributing his extensive knowledge spanning various trades. Serving as DG’s Head of Maintenance, Chaffie remains driven by a passionate commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements.

His remarkable expertise is further complemented by his deep client insight and unwavering dedication to ensuring the utmost in customer satisfaction. Chaffie bears the critical responsibility of maintaining all Dufferin Gate Studios’ facilities and equipment to the most exacting standards.

If you happen to encounter Chaffie on any DG lot, you’ll likely find him hard at work, resolving issues efficiently and promptly, all while maintaining a friendly and approachable demeanor that embodies the studio’s dedication to excellence.

Chaffie’s favourite rewatchable:

“Die Another Day” 2002

Mark Debono
Facilities Coordinator


In 2023, Mark became an integral part of Dufferin Gate Studios, taking on the role of Facilities Coordinator. Armed with a diploma from Humber College’s TV Writing and Producing Post-Graduate program and enriched by six years of hands-on experience in film production, Mark possesses a unique perspective that allows him to understand and cater to the diverse requirements of various productions.

At the heart of Dufferin Gate Studios, Mark shoulders the responsibility of overseeing day-to-day client and vendor events and managing communication across all DG facilities. With a readiness to assist in any capacity required, Mark is a vital asset to our team!

Mark’s favourite rewatchable: 

“The Big Lebowski” 1998