Whatever your requirements are, we can assure you options.
Whether you require parking to backlot space, Dufferin Gate Studios can accommodate productions of all sizes and budgets. Let us know what you need to secure, and we’ll do our best to secure it for you.

  • Kleinberg Backlot

    Huntington Street
    160 Acres

  • Bolton Backlot

    Coleraine Street
    3.5 Acres

  • Nobleton Backlot

    King Road
    6 Acres

  • Brampton Backlot

    Mayfield Street
    10 Acres

  • Indoor Storage for Sets

    1,000 - 40,000 sq-ft

  • Short Term Stages for Commercials

    1 day to 4 weeks

  • Additional Parking

  • Outdoor 53' Trailer Storage

  • Integrated Power Services