Dufferin Gate Studio – Your Toronto studio
for cable movies, television and feature films

Under new management in 2012

Established in 1994, Dufferin Gate Studio has provided production services on over 150 cable movies, television series and feature films. We’ve worked with studios such as Showtime Networks, Paramount Pictures, Viacom Productions, Columbia/TriStar, Working Title Television, Peace Arch Television, Temple Street Productions and Granada Television.

Since inception, Dufferin Gate has built a reputation as a leading production service company for both foreign and domestic producers and we are recognized for our extensive collaboration with studios and producers on both sides of the border.

Their spacious 100,000 sq.ft. facility in Toronto’s West End provides ample parking and is located approximately fi fteen minutes from both downtown and the airport, Within minutes, the area offers one of Toronto’s largest shopping malls and several major retail outlets. Costumers, set dressers, construction personnel and other members of your production team will find immediate access to these shopping areas highly convenient
for securing the needs of their department.

The company, and our facilities, came under new management in 2012 and Dufferin Gate Studio is now a division of Mavis Corporation. Our ongoing investments in our facility investments are helping to ensure the demands of our customers are always met, and exceeded.

We’re proud to say that Dufferin Gate Studio is now one of the most experienced and finest facilities in Toronto, offering a ‘one-stop shop’ for your production needs.

One Stop Shop

"One of the most experienced and finest facilities in Toronto, offering a 'one-stop shop' for your production needs."